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Beware: FRESHPET is killing my dog! Sasha is currently at the vet being treated for kidney failure and liver damage.

Hopeful for a full recovery.

She is a 38 lbs mixed breed. I had been feeding her chicken breast with rice and a multivitamin until I discovered Fresh Pet. I started feeding Fresh Pet to her exclusively beginning in August 2019.

Today, September 20, 2019, they are trying to save her life. Please do more research on this product!!

My name is Rick Hurst in Mobile Alabama.

I am NOT going to hide behind "anonymous" on this issue. Please feel free to contact me for additional information!

Product or Service Mentioned: Freshpet Dog Food.

Reason of review: Made my dog extremely ill..

Monetary Loss: $2500.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Freshpet Pros: Supposed to be good for pets.

Freshpet Cons: It made my dog sick.

Location: 6002 Joyce Dr, Temple Hills, MD 20748

Freshpet - Dangerous Food
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I'm so sorry that your dog got sick, my stupid vet told me me giving my dog rice mixed vegetables and chicken wasn't good enough.. So I bought this *** I thought I was giving her another good solution without me having to cook but she got really sick and today she woke me up really early in the morning with diarrhea after the first time eating this tonight I try to give it to her again because I'm stupid and she would not even touch it... I'm going to throw this crap away and give her what I was giving her before


It's weird I fed my dog freshpet a day ago.. Before that I have been making my own homemade food with chicken rice and mixed vegetables but one of the Vets where I take my dog said she didn't think that was balanced enough..

So I bought this *** and she ate a little bit last night she didn't eat all of the bowl but she woke me up early this morning and she had diarrhea.. I thought well maybe it was weird I had a really bad feeling about it but I gave it to her again because I couldn't get to the store today.. She did not even touch it and refused to eat it.. That makes me think there was really something very wrong with this food..

I'm waiting until the store opens at 6 a.m.

and I'm going to go buy chicken breasts vegetables and rice which I will be making tomorrow for her dinner.. I'm going to throw this *** out I think that it's probably bad for your dog so don't do it


Food seemed to make my Poodle very sick. Once I removed him from the food and fed fresh cooked food and gave him herbal treatments he picked up quickly.


We decided on giving our dog fresh pet she's a indoor dog very happy and healthy untill we made the worst choice ever on trying this food out vomiting and pooping blood now remind you the only thing that changed was pet fresh this has got to stop our dog is our child our family member pet fresh you should he ashamed


Please help me! My dog Missy got violently ill Sunday 5/16/2021 morning after giving her freshpet moist food from the tube last Saturday 5/15/2021.

Come Sunday morning she was listless completely lost her bladder and was walking and pooping and went completely listless in my arms and kept throwing up. The food was bought from Whole Foods in Woodbury, MN and THEY refused to help me and instead they have their claims department dealing with this. Their claims department decided to throw it into the hands of fresh pet company. I went through an interrogation as if my dog got into some kind of bad chemical which did not happen.

I take full pride/integrity/love and my son as well takes complete pride in the way that we take care of our animals. I have had many breeds that I have cared for and raise with my children as a single parent. Missy is my medical dog and I love her so much and almost lost her if I had not fluids with a syringe on the way to the vet hospital she would have died the force of fluids started to dilute the poison in her body from the food. I have no regrets paying to save her life.

I would sell my belongings to take care of my dog. I save money out of my social security disability check and use that for the normal care throughout the year for my dog. I have asked for a reimbursement for just the vet bill alone not including all the torment and what this has done to my health an exasperation of my disabilities. If you know an attorney...

someone that can help me get the state to test the food I would be forever grateful. I'm begging for someone to help me. I'm being ridiculed by freshpet organization all Missy ate was freshpet food and got sick within 9 hours later. Freshpet representative that asked me these questions Proclaim to be a veterinarian and merely try to make it look like it was my fault and it wasn't.

All they were doing was trying to reduce their liability and make me look like a bad person. This hurt me so much I cannot explain it if words.

I almost lost my Medical dog from fresh pet food that comes in a tube. Please help 612 432 **** Diane


Please beware feeding your dog fresh pet. I am at the vet now Tj my beagle has been throwing up for 4 days .

I had fed him fresh pet a few years... well these last months have been terrible.... first he started leaking *** He’s 8 yrs old and throwing up occasionally. Then I switched him to a dry food which made him constipated and caused him to get a hernia.

My vet said put him on a soft food so I went to fresh pet rolls. I noticed he would throw up every morning but then be OK I opened a new role Monday and Tuesday he threw up about 18 times Wednesday did not want to eat at


Wow thanks. So I slowly transitioned my dog to fresh pet and she was fine for two weeks.

With a new role she’s now has diarrhea, did the vet say what could cause this to happen with the food?

High fat is bad for dogs with kidney problems, could it be an underlying kidney problem? I was feeding her meat before and she was fine


My dog has diarrhea from a new roll too


I have been giving my 2 dogs Freshpet mixed with their kibble they have been eating for several years. I fully reviewed their kibble & it is on the higher end of dog foods.

Never an issue. My 16 year old mixed breed German Shepherd/elkhound started a week ago with diarrhea. I started giving him boiled chicken breast, rice water, with a little plain Greek yogurt with pumpkin. His diarrhea cleared up and as soon as I started adding back in his normal food he was fine.

Then I added in the Freshpet and the diarrhea came back. I’m finished feeding both of my dogs this food. I had gone this route thinking it was healthier for them both & my older dog was having health problems(inner ear issues) and wouldn’t eat. He gobbled up the Freshpet and I thought all was well until the last couple of weeks.

I’m finished with the Freshpet as it singularly is what has been giving him diarrhea.

Which is why I googled if anyone else has had these issues with Freshpet. My old guy deserves better than this.


Having the same issue with my Old English sheepdog. Vomiting and diarrhea.

I stopped feeding him fresh pet and started serving him boiled chicken with rice. After a day off the fresh pet his diarrhea cleared up almost instantly.

After incorporating a little fresh pet back into his diet it all started again. No more first pet for me.


Thank you, I’m experiencing the same problem with a senior dog with vestibular issues.It took me a while to narrow down the diarrhea culprit.


Hi there did your pup recover? I'm worried my pup is dealing with something similar.


My dog has been eating fresh pet for a year. Last bad we bought was full of mold and she had a seizure.

Had to take her to the vet today.

Won’t know anything until bloodwork comes back. This food should be removed from the shelves


Rick, I would like to talk to you! I am losing both my dogs..

for the same as you described w Sasha. It is the FreshPet and my vets believe so too.

I have been in the parking lot in my car for 2.5 hrs so far while they do ultrasounds and x rays. My number: 218-235-****Tammy Goodale Duluth, MN call

@Amaya Xqu

hi tammy I just left you voicemail - Denise


We are having the same issue. One of my babies died on Wednesday and my other baby in vet emergency care right now.

I’m completely heartbroken. I just wish I had done more research.


I'm am so very sorry you are having to go through this nightmare. Please ask your vet to test for Addison's Disease.

I'm convinced that Fresh Pet was the leading cause of my dog Sasha's Addison's Disease. Please watch this video (https://youtu.be/DBy1I-62w0c) that Pissed Consumer did for me to help get the word out about Fresh Pet it's link to Addison's. I'm hopeful that you baby will get through this.

Please let me know. All the best...Rick


I noticed my dog was getting I'll. She only started eating it for about a week.

I thought she was dying and almost put her down. Bloody stool and throwing up brown stuff and weak. I took the food back and got her some Pro Plan and mixed in her old dry food. She recovered within 4 days.

Thank you Jesus. This company has mold in their factory and it all goes right into the bag, so why are they still selling it?


i’m have the same issues.


Thank you for your review. Think it was Fresh Pet that nearly killed my French Bulldog over Thanksgiving.

My baby spent 4 days in the hospital, with 3 other vet visits. Diagnosed as Acute Hemoragic Diarrhea Syndrome. That was one expensive hospital stay. He still is not back to normal.

Eating only home made food now, and still on meds. Another baby, a 5 month old Pug was sick also, but she recovered. Runny stools, diarrhea, lethargic.

They will never eat this again, or anything by this company. Finding decent pet food seems impossible anymore.

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