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Well I just left the veterinarian hospital my dog has had all the same symptoms throwing up diarrhea blood in the diarrhea and what is this amount to its from this *** food apparently since they had the recall in 2015 they haven't improved their standards because dogs are getting sick again this is ridiculous and I'm praying to God that I caught this in time and that my dog is going to have a complete recovery for this

Review about: Freshpet Roasted Chicken Dog Food.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Omg!!! My little yorkie poo had been throwing up every single day for the past 4 days.

I know It’s the FreshPet. I’ve been giving him the High protein formula.....and i know it’s the fresh pet that is making him throw up bc he is throwing up the pieces of spinach.


Our dog became sick too. Food had a sour smell.

Package was sealed & exp. date until 2019.

I just contacted Fresh Pet directly a rep assured me someone will contact me. Praying my Yorkie be able to be well from the vomiting and diarrhea.

to Paula Perez Piccard #1563666

Stay on them. I contacted them back in July too when it happened with my boy and we had discussions via Facebook messenger, email and telephone.

I also spoke with their vets. However, because no one else has been complaining about these issues they came to the conclusion that it was not due to their food.

I know that it was, and these issues are still going on. I directed them to this website, but unless people go to then directly they believe nothing could ever be wrong with their products.


Was going to get Freshpet tomorrow...Not now, not ever will my pup be ezting this "Stuff"


My 5 year old Shih Tzu loves Fresh Pet but today she threw up & had diarrhea after eating it.. Not Happy!!

Hope she vomited the rest of it up. She seems ok now


Buying fresh pet is like a death sentence for your fuzzy baby.My dog is still trying to recover


My female Chinese Crested was just diagnosed with HGE but luckily, with probiotics, electrolytes and having her fast for 24 hours, then doing a boiled chicken breast diet for 2 days, she is back to normal. I thought it was just a freak, isolated incident however, tonight, my make Crested had the same bloody diarrhea that my female had.

This prompted my to research Fresh Pet, (Vital chicken, pea, carrot and brown rice log) which I feed as a supplement to their dry holistic food, and low and behold, I came across this website. Needless to say, that crap is going in the trash.

HGE CAN be deadly without prompt action and vet intervention! Please cease feeding this product even if your pet is just having slightly loose stools, as this is how HGE presents in the beginning stages.


We bought the Freshpet Select Grain Free Chicken with Potato and Spinach Dog Food Recipe on Saturday, 8/11, at BJs Wholesale in Bowie, MD, and our 2 year-old GoldenDoodle Bailey had her first real diarrhea ever and as it has now gone on for 4 days and we took her to the Vet today. $314 later, we have been informed that her large intestine/colon is bleeding and creating a lot of mucus to try to fix the inflammation. Thanks FreshPet….NEVER AGAIN


I narrowed it down to Freshpet chicken food, causing my dog to have explosive diarrhea and a very sore pooper. No more Freshpet food for my dog.

One of the bags, although refrigerated, had already developed some mold, only 3 days after opening. Never again!


Located in Springfield, IL. I am currently, at midnight headed to an emergency vet 1 hour away.

I hate myself for picking up a stupid bag of this food! Biggest regret ever and it’s so weird because I almost put it back, why didn’t I go with my gut. My poor dog has diarrhea, vomiting and bleeding from the rectum. I am in tears and praying he recovers.



My dog also experienced the same thing and he had blood in his stool took him to the vet $300 later he’s doing alittle better but no more fresh pet


They got me and my English Bulldog puppy .I purchased puppy food at Walmart on Sat and hes pooping blood everywhere.I stopped giving it to him as i immediately googled the food because i just added into his diet


Is there an alternative someone can recommend? I’ve told our vet this is what our dogs eat, but now I’m totally freaking out about this...

I don’t mind paying more, but my dogs are so spoiled from the refrigerated food they will not eat hard dog food!

What do you guys use since switching? I want to change what they eat immediately!

to WorriedPugMommy #1562269

Orijen and primal are foods i used. Broken is freeze dried dry dog food and primal is frozen raw food for dogs.

to WorriedPugMommy #1563362

Look for Answers Pet Food. www.answerspetfood.com I am an animal nutritionist who works with several holistic and homeopathic vets.

It is agreed....Answers is the highest quality raw prepared dog and cat food available in this country.

They do everything right! Generally, it is also less expensive than Fresh Pet and a thousand times better quality.


I feed my dogs Freshpet chicken recipe in the bag. They have eaten this for a little while now.

This last bag after one meal the 3 dogs wont touch it and our 4th dog, 6yr old lab mix, who did eat it just spent 5 days in the hospital with HGE!!!

$3700!!! I know they won't take responsibility but I will be sure to post this on their wall.


I just found moldy pieces in my Freshpet food, expiration date 12/05/18.Assholes.Type your message here


Our dog has eaten Pet Fresh for almost a year and the suddenly became sick, vomiting, diarrhea, bloody stools and just a mess. He could not stop drinking water.

We learned his stomach was full of bacteria assumed to come from "Fresh Pet" chicken recipe which we had recently bought. $600 later he is fine. I will never, ever buy this food again.

He is now on a prescription diet of dry food from our vet and doing fine. Be aware..................


Will never never buy this dog food again.


My Maine coon cat has become very sick diarreah and constant vomiting..all the stores that sell fresh pet around here are out. They said the driver quit?I Didntvrealize may be the food made him so sick..also,keeps drink I,g lots of wAter..

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