Well I just left the veterinarian hospital my dog has had all the same symptoms throwing up diarrhea blood in the diarrhea and what is this amount to its from this *** food apparently since they had the recall in 2015 they haven't improved their standards because dogs are getting sick again this is ridiculous and I'm praying to God that I caught this in time and that my dog is going to have a complete recovery for this

Product or Service Mentioned: Freshpet Roasted Chicken Dog Food.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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why cant someone do something?


Yesterday I decided to feed my 5 wk old puppies pet fresh and one started pooping blood this morning and she just passed away the Vet today just didn’t know what was wrong with her


I have a 4 yr old chihuahua that I just had to take to vet cause he was pooping blood & I just started feeding him small dog fresh pet beef.




Make your own.. boil chicken breasts and add some cooked greens beans, peas, carrots, celery, spinach, sweet potatos ..

grind the cooked chicken up in a food processor or shred it or cut it small.. mix everything together.. for added nutrients and flavor, add some chopped up apples or frozen blue berries. u can buy the blueberries from Walmart for $7 for a large bag that u can get 20 servings from..

U can also add a bit of cooked brown rice to the mixture..

stir all this up in a large bowl and then freeze in one cup servings in baggies or freezers containers... This is a vet approved recipe and I have yet to see a dog that does not love it..


Do you have a recipe for the ingredients, how much of each, etc. Thank you for your information.


We have 2 80-100 lb GSDs. I currently feed them raw top/bottom round roast, sweet potato, pumpkin, spinach, blueberries, yogurt and a variety of vitamins.

Was looking for something easier but after reading these reviews….. think I’ll just keep on doing my thing.


Where does the chicken come from in Fresh Pet products


Sending Prayers your way for your beautiful fue baby


I switched to Open Farm - they are transparent about their sourcing and ingredients and even their carbon offsetting - you can even track everything using the barcode on their site. I've come to learn if a company doesn't give you information openly, they're probably hiding something - you see the same with skincare, makeup, cleaning products. List goes on.


Lost one pet to the high vitamin D content of Hills Science diet. googled Blue Buffalo dog food recalls and found out we are playing russian roulette with Blue Buffalo.

Now looking for a Dog food company that does what they say they do.

Of course Blue Buffalo could be extra diligent, but I doubt it because if they were they would have caught the various quality control problems before the product went out the door. To Hills credit, they have only had one big recall.


This unpublicized "Recall" probably explains why my local source of FreshPet dog food has completely dried up. Time to find a safe, different product.


I too love Fresh Pet, my dogs are crazy about it, recently (this week), both have had bloody diarrhea, elevated kidney enzymes, and nausea/ vomiting. The only common denominator is the food.. I'm not accusing Fresh Pet foods, just making a comment.


I’m not kidding when I tell you that my dog started this food February, couple of days later she had the same symptoms. She’s still sick.


Im not about to trust this food after reading the horrible deaths of loved pets. My boy loved it to, I had it for a few days before I researched it, then threw it away.

I’m thinking some of the food must not be kept T the recommended temp, either in shipping or the stores are lax getting them to the refrigerator in time.

Something is wrong, how lots of people haven’t had problems then others have horrible stories. Whatever it is, I don’t and won’t ever trust it.




This is sad to hear. My dog won’t eat unless I incorporate fresh pet with her dry food.


Have never had an issue for the years I've been using it and my dogs all love it. 10 yr old and two 18 yr old yorkies

@Delmi Hox

I too loved and believed in this food and even where I worked sold it. Fed it to my dog for at least six years.

It only took one time!

Now my dog is gone! Don’t play Russian roulette with your pets life.

@Delmi Hox

Same my dogs look at me like I am crazy if they dont see it every morning and I give them fresh shred carrots with it. I am cut back on it, as its expensive feeding 2 bottomless pits .

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