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Well I just left the veterinarian hospital my dog has had all the same symptoms throwing up diarrhea blood in the diarrhea and what is this amount to its from this *** food apparently since they had the recall in 2015 they haven't improved their standards because dogs are getting sick again this is ridiculous and I'm praying to God that I caught this in time and that my dog is going to have a complete recovery for this

Product or Service Mentioned: Freshpet Roasted Chicken Dog Food.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I only feed my poodle Fresh Pet refrigerator food. I always purchase the beef or chicken rolls.

My poodle had the same problem diarrhea blood stool. The time of his sickness was around Nov 5th.


I’m sorry to hear about all the fur babies that are sick. I have a 13-year-old sheet Sue, a five-year-old Shih Tzu, and 18-year-old schnoodle , None of them get any chicken or chicken meal or buy products, I have been feeding them the fresh pet beef and bison or lamb and beef and have had no problems thank God


My dog too. Immediately after eating FreshPet he has been puking for 3 days and has bloody diarrhea.

Just left vet and hope he is okay. The worse is that I have another dog with cancer starting to show symptoms. I am so upset.

It was absolutely the FreshPet. No doubt.


My dog also got very sick threw up multiple times blood in stool diarrrah shaking badly. This food goes rancid very quickly before the expiration date. It is not safe for our pets.


Absolutely!!! Bought Freshpet grain free chicken with potato and spinach October 13.

First Time buying any of their products. Are 4 1/2-year-old lab/Cocker who is usually full of lots of energy became very lethargic and listless shortly after eating. And his eyes looked glazed over . We didn’t give him any of the food until today oct 16 and only more as a treat.

Same reaction. Listless and lay on the floor for a couple of hours. Had his eyes open some of the time like he was not sleeping. But he couldn’t move.

Had no energy. Because we have fed him very little, I don’t think we’re having the horrible symptoms.


My Sweet sweet sweet 11 yr old Pug Chichi began having mushy odd smelling poops this past 2 days. Fortunately we were only feeding her a small amount of the reg.

chicken freshpet mixed 50/50 with a different food that's a hard kibble. This morning when I went to make her breakfast I noticed a sour smell In the ziploc bag I had never smelled before and shes been eating this food for about 6 weeks now with no issues. I am always careful to follow the only use for 1 week once open directions and always check exp dates when I buy. I also happened to buy the Freshpet Vital this time from Petco in Sev Pk.

Md. I am returning it and exchanging for a different food. From reading the other buyers comments I seem to be 1 of the lucky ones that didn't have a lot of the affected food and I noticed the problem very quickly as she had only had 2 meals prior to last night from that tube and my mother had prepared those then we immediately noticed the looser poops. ~ I would suggest that anyone who's pet is showing any signs at all of illness call your vet immediately and tell them about the food and what's happening and go from there.

As for a lot of these recommendations ppl are giving out to one another as well intended as they may be PLEASE ALWAYS check with a licensed Veterinarian FIRST before giving any otc or rx meds or home remedies as your dogs symptoms may be more severe, different or have gone on too long and may require the necessary care only a lic vet can provide. Please remember my previous statement anytime you're online. Anyone can give advice and/or claim to be a vet or vet tech etc.. Always contact a professional!

It is always better to be safe not sorry and your pet will thank you too..

Our families best wishes & prayers go out to all of you & your poor lil pets feeling under the weather because of the carelessness of yet another pet food co. SHAME ON YOU FRESHPET for placing our families in these positions...


Just went into Whole Foods to pick up some freshpet; trying to find a good substitute for making our Frenchie puppies homemade food. The cooler was cleared of all products and customer service said the food has been recalled!

Definitely dodged a bullet.

I don’t think we’ll try if even when it’s back after reading this thread. If your local store hasn’t cleared it out by now don’t shop there period.

to Rache_FL #1579830

HI- Thank you so much for posting this! Just wondering what state the Whole Foods you went to was in?

I just got off of the phone with freshpet because I am pretty certain my dog has food poisioning from one of their products (he is currently unexplainably ill) and the customer service rep swore up and down freshpet has never had a recall.

So I am determined to get the bottom of this! lol

to AltruisticImpala #1579917

My dog has been throwing up and having diarrhea. She also had a severe allergic reaction which could be unrelated but she’s been sick and throwing up for a couple days now. All I have fed her is freshpet with the January 2019 date.

to AltruisticImpala #1580477

I’m in south Florida. The Whole Foods is the one at 810 University drive in Coral Springs.

Customer service there openly told me the food had been recalled!

Sounds like the Freshpet rep is misinformed or trying to hide it! I hope you do get to the bottom of your sick pup.

to Rache_FL #1581016

UPDATE* revisited the Whole Foods that told me the food was recalled, spoke to (a different) manager and was told the food isn’t recalled and that in fact the fridge is broken! Something still seems fishy to me and I’m going to stay away from the product based on these stories. I appreciate all of your passions for your pets and for sharing this info about Freshpet.

to AltruisticImpala #1583477

Just bought a Freshpet grain free chicken roll 10/13. Fed a little to my 4.5 year old high energy spaniador and noticed listlessness and glossy eyes for a few hours after.

Didn’t give him any more as it’s a treat, not main dry food meal. Tonight I gave a little and again he became noticeably lethargic and lay on the floor for several hours half “ asleep”!! Googled Freshpet Recall and found this sight!! Thank God i didn’t give it him for regular meal last 4 days!!!

Purchased it in Weaverville California from holiday market. That’s upper Northern California!!

to Rache_FL #1583479

Reporting same symptoms from first time purchase of Petfresh grain free chicken roll. Purchased at a Holiday market in Weaverville (Northern ca)

to Rache_FL #1592513

I’ve been mixing freshpet with a Premium dry kibble and all 3 of my dogs have loose stools. I noticed chunks of the fresh pet in their stools.

My Standard Poodle has it the wost with blood and mucus.

I stopped with the Fresh Pet and fed them boiled chicken and rice and their stools are looking normal again. I’m going to slowly introduce the kibble again and returning the Fresh Pet today.


My dog also had very soft stools and bloody streaks through them. $800.00 Vet bill later....

I was just returning my dog to his regular diet and something stopped me when I brought out the bag of the Freshpet chicken treats. Thank you So! much for posting this. Lot 171 NP1 expiring on 11/28/18.

I will post these emails to the company. Thanks again!!!


Good grief! I will b making my Cookie's food from scratch, all these reviews sound horrid.

Better to make the time to do it right , than take a chance with your pet's life. Anyone remember the cat food scare of 80's and 90's? Destroyed the kidneys, and cats died from renal failure. Are fresh/raw food producers getting meat products from China again?

My mom lost her kitty within a month from food with meat by products from China in 1992.

No quality control in China. Make it yourself folks!


Explosive bloody mucus diarrhea after feeding my 8 year old healthy min pin roasted chicken freshpet. Do not feed this to your pets.


This food brand has been the first one that didn't give my Scottie any issues - until this week. What's going on? Did they change the recipe?

to Marina #1583480

Really bad lethargic symptoms for my first try Freshpet grain free chicken! Northern California!

Gave my dog once , than 4 days later and same thing.

Am reporting to FDA. Easy online.


My dog has been Experiencing the same symptoms vomiting bloody stool wont eat just wants to drink she is not doing well what can I do?

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