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My 11 year old Chihuahua just died over the weekend: I'm so heartbroken. He loved Fresh Pet food when I first started buying it for him six months ago but then he started refusing it.

I started to feed him homemade food for a few weeks but decided to give Fresh Pet another try. He didn't seem to have interest in his dog food and I had to encourage him to eat it anyway for about three days. He would eat human food and I thought he was just being spoiled because he liked human food better. He fell over when I took him outside Friday morning and seemed worn out.

I had to leave the house for awhile and asked my daughter to keep an eye on him. She called within an hour and I ran back to the house. He died in my arms within ten minutes. I had no idea he was that sick: it happened so fast.

He was fine the day before. He was in a catatonic state and was struggling to breath along with convulsions. He was so far gone so quickly there was no time to get him to the vet. The only conclusion that made sense was that he ate something toxic but I couldn't imagine what he could have gotten into.

He was a healthy dog and the change was sudden. RIP Nino, died 6/23/17

Product or Service Mentioned: Freshpet Dog Food.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I call BS on this story! You're dog was OLD, and probably tired of you! He didn't die cause of the dog food!


It seems factual that dog food companies are in it for the good of greed. Cheap, foreign outsourced ingredients companies just want our money at any cost!

What to look for AND NOT ASSUME are lists of ingredients, AND where they're from. "Distributed by" and "Manufactured for" ARE NOT disclosure statements of ingredients, toxins, sources, outsourced or recall-free foods and companies. READ YOUR LISTS!!! And get info on "natural" ingredients like "celery powder" which is in deli meats and pet foods and is a "natural" form of carcinogens "nitrites and nitrates", the very additives WE DON'T EAT OURSELVES in human foods such as bacon, ham, pork, and many others.

Be thorough and do the work. And DON'T rely on calls to pet food companies to tell you what you need to know. They're there to sell you, and sell TO you.

And you'll know when you've asked a question they can't be truthful answering... THEY HANG UP ON YOU and blame your phone!!!


I don't understand why fresh pet will NOT get back to me on why did I find kibble in their product that I purchased. I have reached out multiple times and I am immediately ignored.

I even have video proof when I found the kibble. I dont trust this brand... obviously its false advertisement.

It's NOT fresh at all. Just another company trying to gain millions rather than staying true to what they sell to consumers.


GREAT observation and thank you for sharing it with other pet owners who might not be as observing.


Agreed. Used to be an emergency vet tech and EMT, and worked as ER tech (human).

Sounds like they missed the fact he was eating differently (sometimes that is our only clue that something is wrong, not blaming the owner here). So he was possibly having issues for days, maybe much longer. Blaming Freshpet when there is no autopsy or other proof, and no other reports of dogs dying, seems awfully short sighted and daring (with zero evidence, that is). It could be pancreatitis (dogs do not like to eat much, but can sometimes stomach some, or special foods, and can die in just days, but tend to act much sicker), or, pup had a stroke, or blood sugar issues, even.

Zero evidence that this was food related. Let's hope Freshpet does not go after them for disparaging their name without any evidence. It is hard to admit you missed something, but it is no reason to blame a company. If this was food poisoning, I would expect (and have seen) hours and hours of suffering/moaning/panting/pacing/drooling (not mentioned in the story even once), in hours (and for hours) before death, time enough to get to the vet, yet in the story here, no GI distress/pain behaviors, not even constipation or diarrhea noted, no behavioral differences, even.

Differences that happen at the time of death are normal, I am talking about weeks, days or many hours before, not just in those last minutes. Food poisoning does not cause normal to coma to death as described, that I have seen. Owner reports nothing but not eating certain foods, which sounds like a minor upset gut or minor pain (very different from food poisoning/food quality issues). Maybe doggie heart attack: (they can get nausea and/or pain that interferes with eating, like humans), but again, not food related, typically.

Could be literally any cause, but not, from hwhat I have seen, food poisoning. It 's shard to lose a pet suddenly, but maybe get proof before blaming la company.

Take the dog for autopsy if you are so sure, then can ssue if right,but with his symptoms, this is not likely. Have food tested by a lab (with no other dog illness reported, likely a waste of money, but at least you will know).

@Kabrina Pyk

Dog food poisoning can kill very quickly with presence or lack of signs and symptoms. Your knowledge appears to be limited to your personal levels of lower certifications in each field of medicine in which you work.

There ARE much higher levels of certifications in Vet and EMS and ER patient care, especially diagnostics, that would enhance your knowledge and experience as well as exposure to higher skills so your recipients can receive a higher level of care.

I have had issues with Freshpet foods and their inclusion of two ingredients known by their "natural" name that are cancer causing in animals and people. The information is out there for the taking for those who desire to know more.


He doesn’t really know what killed his dog.


after reading this I believe fresh pet is NOT honestly in what they put in their pet food. they claim to be 100% real meat but I found KIBBLE in the fresh pet roll I bought that I am not going to return tomorrow.

who really knows what they really add in their food, but fresh pet is a no go for cici and I now.

I am sorry for your loss. take care pet family

@Tamsen Jaf

they claim to be 100% real meat but I found KIBBLE in the fresh pet roll I bought that I am now** going to return tomorrow morning.


Could have been anything


Makes no sense because accusations without proof are no more than just dust in the wind. Kibble isn't bad so I don't understand what's wrong with you people here.

It's sometimes made with Soy but mostly vegetables.

If you're afraid of giving your dog vegetables than you shouldn't be buying Natural anything. Some people are just outright silly.


My 14 month old dog had fresh pet turkey before going to bed. Woke up to quite a sick dog.

At vet now- negative for obstruction but positive for gastroenteritis.

A healthy dog with no issues and now vomiting/diarrhea non stop. I will not be buying your products again!!!


My dog is having serious stomach issues after trying this


When a dog dies instantly it likely is due to a underlying cause that was not determined prior to his death. Sorry for your loss but I don't believe it was from the Freshpet.


Ya we had a dog that was very healthy and just in the middle of playing ball dropped it and collapsed. Gave cpr and didn't survive but in no way would I blame a dogfood after having this happen to us personally.


She seems genuine to me. In my opinion, Freshpet killed her dog.

And I'll tell you why. In a matter of few weeks, my female dog of six years gained a lot of weight on FreshPet. She hasn't returned to her previous weight. Additionally, I looked through some photos and found my dogs had aged rapidly since they began eating FreshPet.

A Jack Russell, 11 years old, and a poodle, 6 years old. They both seemed to change for the worse. In fact, they began coughing. Something is wrong with this food.

About six months ago, I stopped feeding them it. They are eating good ol' fashioned pedigree, advised my vet.

I won't purchase FreshPet again. Thank goodness my dogs didn't die of it.

@Angela R Dus

Pedigree is crap food. Read the ingredients.


Most likely wasnt the food that killed your dog. More like underlining health problems.

Without yearlt bloodwork you wouldnt know until there is organ failure and death. sorry for your loss


From experience is very possible he had a tumor in One of his organs. My baby just killed over two and wasn’t on this food.

Turned out he had Cancer on his spleen.

Did surgery only survived 2 1/2 months. So from the sounds of what you’re describing that it’s a big possibility don’t blame the food people.


It was a mistake I do not agree her dog was 11 yrs old and her description show it probably had a heart attack which is very common in dogs

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