I'm so sorry for your loss. I'm from Canada and recently this product made way in Canadian market.

Furthermore, I for a grocery store and I saw this product, and I was very intrigued.

It looks good and the ingredients sound amazing. I've purchased one bag, the multi-protein complete meal 1.36 kg, and I want to use it as a topper. I have two German shepherd/ king shepherd mix, both two years old. Furthermore, I give them twice little, and they enjoyed it.

In eight hours time one of them start to vomit / bloody stool, the next day we ended in the emergency for 12 hours. The second pup got a very loose stool as wheel, but not that severe like he's brother. I'm waiting for the blood test results. In the meantime I have them in antibiotics and light small meals.

I'm not accusing the product yet until I get the results...

but I find it very suspicious for two young, healthy puppies to get so sick right after eating the food.

I just got informed from the official site that it was a recall for the small package for small breeds do to salmonella contamination. Although that recall didn't reach Canada.

As I mentioned before I work in the grocery store and I will know about. every recall.

User's recommendation: In pending.

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